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(posted on 4 Mar 2019)

I would like to first thank everyone who has ever visited these pages! It's been a fun, challenging & eventful journey!

Now the time has come to chart a new course. 

Having experienced various wake-up calls of health, aspects of enjoying life to the full etc I have made the easy decision to venture out into even more creativity than ever before, but with a lot less of the difficult "grunt work" of Landscaping...

From this point forward I have opted (or been somewhat forced by health) to forego construction work.  I will likely continue with design jobs that present themselves & possibly some small aspects of construction such as a water feature or small deck not requiring permits, as well as fabricating elements for others to be installed into projects - screens, benches, planters & the time permits

I expect to be inundated in a great way with creative projects of my own choosing so I may not have time for other's project, that remains to be seen.

I have already begun in earnest at painting & I have a multitude of creative product & one-of-a-kind items I wish to create.

Overall the goal is to be supremely happy & to hopefully rub off that way on others - I thoroughly inspiring others & I believe hat all life/all humans are innately connected, such that raising the vibe helps everybody & our very consciousness changes the planet..

Look for  very very soon!  Hope you'll stop by for a visit or come by the many art shows, exhibits & displays I hope to have all over 

Thank you to all!

Over & out for now!


(posted on 27 Oct 2018)


264292 Southgate Township Road # 26, Durham, N0G 1R0

We are about 15mins north of Mount Forest, or 15mins SW of Flesherton & 15mins East of Durham- 519-217-7730

(posted on 12 Oct 2018)

I hope you will drop in for a coffee & to enjoy some colourful & energetic artwork!  It will be a casual & fun affair.

I hope you will find it really inspiring & uplifting for that is its main purpose.  

Click the link for a MAP to the show:  

I'm currently hospitalized with health issues but it's all good- it is just life tweaking directions & things will get better & better & better although different...

t at this juncture is appears the new directions will emphasize more than ever a combined thrust towards more meaningful, inspiring, colourful dsigns & artistic nature products to support landscapes/environmental spaces....  design is key!  We are more determined than ever for things to be special, meaningful, spiritual & uplifting!  Vanity, keeping up with the Jone's etc isn't so interesting anyway! We are searching for that uplifting meaning feel & aesthetics ...

Keep posted! It's going to be fun!


(posted on 7 Sep 2017)

It's a great time to reflect on the path you want to take - in life, & as well with what you want your property to become as an expression of you & as a sanctuary for you & your family. Are you on track? Are you being true to your heart's direction or simply keeping up with the Jones so to speak.

Express yourself! Add some sparkle to your property! Firepits, water features, gathering places for family, night lighting for stretching your outdoor opportunities, fall colour plantings & adding art touches to evoke emotions.... the list can go on & on & on.

As summer comes to a close & the lessons are fresh it is an optimal time to move forward. If you put it off until spring often those ideas are lost or the frenzy of spring construction can interfere. There's no time like the "present"- it's really a gift!

(posted on 24 Jul 2017)

This is just a gentle reminder to all of us to simply smell the roses- enjoy the pleasurable moments, the small gifts, & most especially the awareness of all the good things we have in life. That is especially so here in West Grey/Southgate- it is such a beautiful place! And yet is so easy to get wound up or drawn into life's dramas, world happenings or the needs of business & these can totally take over.

Taking time to place your awareness on the beauty, wellness, wealth & privileges we DO HAVE rather than shortcomings , will enhance onc's awareness & thus happiness. It's a choice as to where one places their attention & the position one chooses to adopt on any situation- chose to look for the good! It really works! We have control only of ourselves

Chose to spend some time in the garden, in nature & do the things that are uniquely YOU! You'll be happier for it & we all benefit!

(posted on 23 May 2017)

As of JUNE 1st we are operating out of north SOUTHGATE & Belwood communities so our service area is changing slightly.

We will now concentrate on areas in between such as Southgate, Shelburne, Orangeville, Fergus, Mt.Forest, Grand Valley, & areas within reach where we find those irresistible creativity opportunities for really great folks!

With the move comes a quantum leap in creativity, good energy, & desire to make a difference. We're becoming more interested in stretching the design boundaries, adding a spiritual nature & greening up!!!

(posted on 10 Jan 2017)

We are currently involved in a KITCHEN design & installation in Tottenham, but available for Landscape Designs for the spring season only about 8 WEEKS away!! We have space for your February renovation project as well if you don't delay.

THIS SPRING promises to be very exciting based on our growing ideas & energy plus the interest expressed by several clients. If you are thinking of doing something this spring we strongly suggest getting in touch with us very soon! 519-217-7730 Dave

SPRING RENEWAL ART SHOW - Sun., April 2 (only a fool would do it April 1st :)) -abstracts, nature scenes & more, Inglewood (south Caledon) to be confirmed

(posted on 16 Mar 2016)

As of the first day of spring we are officially starting to break ground. While designs have been ongoing for a while, the weather has been steadily improving & earlier than usual! We're under way Monday in Caledon Village with our first great project in our new region for some really great people...we think all our clients are wonderful!

We'll be flagstoning a porch & have a completely updated look for the front entrance of a home.

What we're after is an uplifting, lush fel that marries with the existing architecture of the house & of course suits our clients tastes. We'll be introducing banded Unilocking reating wall & paving patterns, a small refreshing water feature , elegant 12v lighting & intending on bringing smiles to all.

We believe that the ability to enjoy something comes primarily from within a person. No amount of home renovation or landscaping by anyone can achieve happiness for a person - that comes from a predisposition or intended growth toward of happiness allowing someone to recognize a good thing. One cannot make another be happy, but we can build in triggers to remind ourselves to chose happiness & those triggers we're in search of in our designs, our process & implementation...

(posted on 8 Mar 2016)

Can you believe this weather? Wow! We are starting earlier than ever before. It appears that we will be well under way starting as soon as March Break ! Some have gotten the message & are getting under way.

Perhaps this will mean a longer growing season for plants as well. More than likely, additional pruning measures will be a good idea this season. Pruning not only stimulates new growth, it is a terrific way to make your landscape last longer with plants retaining form a lot longer & avoiding disease as well. It can be an excellent time to prune plants before the foliage masks underlying issues. Often you can get stronger healthier growth with taking action now.

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