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(posted on 7 Sep 2017)

It's a great time to reflect on the path you want to take - in life, & as well with what you want your property to become as an expression of you & as a sanctuary for you & your family. Are you on track? Are you being true to your heart's direction or simply keeping up with the Jones so to speak.

Express yourself! Add some sparkle to your property! Firepits, water features, gathering places for family, night lighting for stretching your outdoor opportunities, fall colour plantings & adding art touches to evoke emotions.... the list can go on & on & on.

As summer comes to a close & the lessons are fresh it is an optimal time to move forward. If you put it off until spring often those ideas are lost or the frenzy of spring construction can interfere. There's no time like the "present"- it's really a gift!