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(posted on 4 Mar 2019)

I would like to first thank everyone who has ever visited these pages! It's been a fun, challenging & eventful journey!

Now the time has come to chart a new course. 

Having experienced various wake-up calls of health, aspects of enjoying life to the full etc I have made the easy decision to venture out into even more creativity than ever before, but with a lot less of the difficult "grunt work" of Landscaping...

From this point forward I have opted (or been somewhat forced by health) to forego construction work.  I will likely continue with design jobs that present themselves & possibly some small aspects of construction such as a water feature or small deck not requiring permits, as well as fabricating elements for others to be installed into projects - screens, benches, planters & the time permits

I expect to be inundated in a great way with creative projects of my own choosing so I may not have time for other's project, that remains to be seen.

I have already begun in earnest at painting & I have a multitude of creative product & one-of-a-kind items I wish to create.

Overall the goal is to be supremely happy & to hopefully rub off that way on others - I thoroughly inspiring others & I believe hat all life/all humans are innately connected, such that raising the vibe helps everybody & our very consciousness changes the planet..

Look for  very very soon!  Hope you'll stop by for a visit or come by the many art shows, exhibits & displays I hope to have all over 

Thank you to all!

Over & out for now!