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(posted on 24 Jul 2017)

This is just a gentle reminder to all of us to simply smell the roses- enjoy the pleasurable moments, the small gifts, & most especially the awareness of all the good things we have in life. That is especially so here in West Grey/Southgate- it is such a beautiful place! And yet is so easy to get wound up or drawn into life's dramas, world happenings or the needs of business & these can totally take over.

Taking time to place your awareness on the beauty, wellness, wealth & privileges we DO HAVE rather than shortcomings , will enhance onc's awareness & thus happiness. It's a choice as to where one places their attention & the position one chooses to adopt on any situation- chose to look for the good! It really works! We have control only of ourselves

Chose to spend some time in the garden, in nature & do the things that are uniquely YOU! You'll be happier for it & we all benefit!