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(posted on 16 Mar 2016)

As of the first day of spring we are officially starting to break ground. While designs have been ongoing for a while, the weather has been steadily improving & earlier than usual! We're under way Monday in Caledon Village with our first great project in our new region for some really great people...we think all our clients are wonderful!

We'll be flagstoning a porch & have a completely updated look for the front entrance of a home.

What we're after is an uplifting, lush fel that marries with the existing architecture of the house & of course suits our clients tastes. We'll be introducing banded Unilocking reating wall & paving patterns, a small refreshing water feature , elegant 12v lighting & intending on bringing smiles to all.

We believe that the ability to enjoy something comes primarily from within a person. No amount of home renovation or landscaping by anyone can achieve happiness for a person - that comes from a predisposition or intended growth toward of happiness allowing someone to recognize a good thing. One cannot make another be happy, but we can build in triggers to remind ourselves to chose happiness & those triggers we're in search of in our designs, our process & implementation...