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(posted on 8 Mar 2016)

Can you believe this weather? Wow! We are starting earlier than ever before. It appears that we will be well under way starting as soon as March Break ! Some have gotten the message & are getting under way.

Perhaps this will mean a longer growing season for plants as well. More than likely, additional pruning measures will be a good idea this season. Pruning not only stimulates new growth, it is a terrific way to make your landscape last longer with plants retaining form a lot longer & avoiding disease as well. It can be an excellent time to prune plants before the foliage masks underlying issues. Often you can get stronger healthier growth with taking action now.

(posted on 27 Feb 2016)

With two designs completed & about 5 more jobs/designs to give attention to it's been getting busier!

It sure is nice looking through various pictures of beautiful green grass, flowers, & really neat design ideas.

I certainly appreciate the snow, winter wonderland atmospheres & the ice on all the branches was really exceptional,but the anticipation of spring is growing my excitement! It is projected to be plus temperatures in about a week & from then onward for the most part, so we may be starting earlier than ever before

Enjoy your weekend & stay in the MOMENT!

Dave ;)

(posted on 25 Feb 2016)

While there is never any pressure with , just a word to the wise. Everybody is booking up now for those prime spring spots. No matter who you talk to, if they are a repuatable company, they are most likely busy as anything! Occassionally smaller projects can be fit in & sometimes jobs do get bumped around. In our case we are in a new location & restarting so to speak, but already it is looking to be a record year.

It's great to get the ball rolling now as we are only about 3 weeks until spring & it has been an exceptionally mild winter which translates into opportunity to commence a bit early, but still it's wise to get rolling now...

As a counter point, it is also important not to rush or feel rushed. This isn't something you're likely to hear elsewhere, but it is so true. Rushing equates to fear which means somebody or something is going to get rushed or out of the happiness zone shall we say. That's no good. In our books enjoyment IS the key!

Towards that enjoyment, it's a great time to enjoy the colourful, warm, rejuvenating aspects of spring - we're nearly there!!!

(posted on 11 Feb 2016)

(posted on 18 Oct 2015)

If you have had ideas about creating a future garden/home oasis THIS is the time. Most people wait until the spring & often times things don't happen the way one intends because there's just far too much to do come spring. Every landscape company & garden centre is "in your face' so to speak trying to be heard. Everyone is pressed for time & this is simply not the best energy in which to be creative. A lot of companies are competing for the same resources, & clients & generally the pure intent goes out the window in favour of speed & financial motivation instead of what's right & true to the client's needs/desires. Personally I dislike the spring for that reason- I would much prefer to create something really special & well thought out. THIS is that time - from fall & into mid-winter is the time to create wonderful designs that meet the desires of the client & the property without those extraneous pressures.

This time of year allows you to really think- one has loads of ideas generated from the season passing & without big financial commitment plans can be generated to suit those needs. When spring comes you can hit the ground running with unwavering devotion to a well-thought plan & budget instead of reacting to the chaos of energies. It's like baking a pie - the more love that goes into its creation the better that pie is going to taste.

It's your choice. There's no pressure here of coarse & we may chose to avoid those high-strung projects as they generally are not doing anybody any good. At dezignwerx we are interested in your enjoyment to the full, so we felt this was an important point to get across in everyone's best interest

Enjoy your day!


(posted on 20 Apr 2015)

Changes Changes Changes

It's a new chapter - anything is possible, but the focus is now solely on doing that which is totally create, uplifting, helpful & enjoyable or a polite.."no thanks"

While designs are available almost anywhere within an hour of Barrie, construction will now be limited to smaller phases within a half hour reach of Barrie

Now being offered are those creative elements for your home & garden space, outdoor & indoor artworks - this is expected to be the focus moving forward

Nothing is a hard & fast rule, but a guideline- if it is creative & exciting please send a request!

We're ready for all interior projects, handyman jobs, prefabrication or landscape elements, & design work right away!

There are many clients who have said they are interested in doing a project this coming spring! The interest shown has never been greater, but who will be the first to commit??? You will get the choice timing & focus of attention. The same is true for designs - we're ready to jump in & you will receive the extra efforts & focus...

It can be more difficult to obtain survey info, current conditions & so forth, but we'll get enough to get started & adjust as we go.

(posted on 12 Dec 2014)


Enjoy this time with your families -create a memory!

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