Colourful, creative, artistic spiritual creations to uplift the soul. Creating quality landscape designs, vibrant art & unique products

CURRENT ART/PROJECTS in process or just completed  is ending April 1, 2019  in favour of a brand new start under

A new site is not yet "up" but designs & art are under way . It will be launching very soon & growing quickly. How exciting is this?!?!   Great new, colourful ART, designs, & products in support of my creativity to which I have few boundaries!   No more of the very difficult grunt work of landscaping which can be horribly dangerous to health, difficult, labour intensive & so forth. Now it's going to be fantastic colour, creativity & doing what I am excited to bring forth instead of trying to understand somebody else's dream while missing life myself.  Everyone will benefit from these changes!

Also be sure to check out my other site: for spiritual awareness & growth - aspects of metaphysical, consciousness, the universe, ET's, health, politics - thousands of articles & videos! 




Dec 14- Crossroads - All roads lead to good things. This is the title I have given to this recent painting. It definitely represents my current focus, intentions & circumstances as everything is going really well &the future looks bright & colourful in every direction!

This work is available- please enquire. Currently I am displaying various rotating works at Chickory Common in Durham until the end of February

Oct 30 - The Art Show received very very high accolades/praise & as such was a very encouraging event! Great thanks to all visitors for their wonderful comments!!  I am currently getting ready for a small show at Chickory Common Natural foods through Nov & Dec. I anticipate introducing new works every 2-3weeks



AS OF OCTOBER 1, 2018 we are no longer BUILDING per se. Our new focus will be to produce ARTWORKS, Crafts, DESIGNS, SIGNS & PRODUCTS.  

We will be focusing on creativity & offering a wide range of home & garden art & components/products.  Over the next few months the website will reflect more of our creative/art interests & let you know of upcoming events, products available & so on

We are still offering landscape designs & components such as bridges, screens, gates, planters, sculptures etc

The changes are due to a combination of interests & health changes. We no longer find it possible or desirable to do the heavy construction while neglecting the creative artistic inspirations that linger.