Colourful, creative, artistic spiritual gardens to uplift the spirit, help one reconnect & rejuvenate. Honesty, Intergity, & skill in creating quality landscapes & renovations

CURRENT PROJECTS in process or just completed

SPETEMBER 7 - At this time of great changes in the world we are stepping up all intents & efforts to be even more creative, artistic, "green", uplifting- to raise the vibration everywhere we focus.  While a lot of the world is in chaos it is our firm belief that this is the time for pumping out more & more of all that is good. By placing our attentions on nature, helping people, encouragements, & generally increasing our awareness on all that is good will bring more of that into our lives & ripple that to everyone around us... This truly works!

We are currently reflecting & re-branding slightly to reflect our heightened intents, purposes & excitement.  We hope you can sense the energy of what we are saying - the excitement is ramping up!


MAY 23- We are completing a whole house renovation involving a new kitchen, bathrooms, hardwood flooring, tiling, lighting & loads of painting...just a few details remaining

MAY 31/June 1st are MOVING DAYS! We are busy packing & organizing for a major move to SOUTHGATE. We'll be serving Southgate, Orangeville, Grand Valley, Belwood, Fergus, Shelburne & Mt'Forest primarily. For the right mix of creativity & enjoyment we'll entertain jobs a little further out....

June begins with a small front Unilock walkway for some returning clients from Georgetown.


MARCH 29 - Spring Renewall Art Show is THIS Sunday at 1pm-4pm - all welcome. It should be a really fun & encouraging

We're in the finishing stages of a rather complete painting & tiling, lighting , trim & doors for our Tottenham client. Spring is here & we are gearing up for outdoor work


MARCH 16 - Kitchen project progression & much more on the go! We are painting rooms, renovating bathrooms, painting art & more while getting ready SPRING!!!

a few small details left- customer to add appliances


FEB 22 - While we wait on countertops for our kitchen project we are busy quoting on bathroom & living room painting. Next week will be a flurry of activity as we begin to bring the colour & lighting into our kitchen space.  

We've begun negotiations on a large deck & patio in King City & a Tottenham Armour rock retaining wall & patio /gardens

It looks like our busiest year ever, but don't let that scare you off, we're juggling jobs to bring the smiles!

Jan 31/'17 The interest in landscaping has begun & we are off to quote on the first deck/patio & stone steps to begin the season- that's a big job that would occupy a good deal of the spring- do you want your job done in the spring? Are you in the habit of waiting until the spring to decide?... just sayin' ...  :)

We are well into our Kitchen design- stay tuned! It doesn't look like much yet- there are a lot of complex integrated ingredient to contend with before it all comes together. It's exciting once you can start to see it taking shape!

  No, that tiffany lamp is not part of our scheme :) can't wait for it to go

Jan 13/'17 - We are about to commence a KITCHEN redesign & build including new flooring, high tech looking white lacquer cabinets with hidden hardware, soft closure & sleek stainless handles, quartz countertops, stainless/glass tile backsplashes, modern range hood, elegant lighting & more. The budget is a little tight but we've managed to design in some features others wouldn't have tried to achieve & went many times the "extra mile" to find the right solutions for our clients! These clients are continuing with us after we wowed them with initial landscape phases in the fall - they know they are dealing with a creative team of honest individuals who work hard & take great pride in their work... they mentioned 'we are much different than others' in our most recent conversations. That's what we like to hear!

We're excited! Every job creates a flurry of new ideas & possibilities!

Landscape Ontario "Congress" (today) & other trade shows are the industry kick-offs for the coming season. Smart buyers know that if they get on it now they can have their jobs proceeding early - if they wait, they will have to roll with whatever s left in the busy spring schedules industry wide...





Here is what became of the below site!

Water wall, decking, shade sales, planters...

Monday, August 22.


This is the before condition of our next project commencing tomorrow. It is a small neglected Mississauga backyard of a semi-detached home in Meadowvale. Stay tuned with this one- we have something really cool coming!  It will be unrecognizable! This will be an interesting departure in style with some neat effects not often seen. 

Other designs are on the boards so to speak- A pool design in Mono for a lovely equestrian estate & some wonderful clients. Also a pool deck design & makeover in Caledon Village that will be really special!


WE'VE MOVED to a new location in CALEDON - this is now home & the focus will be on homes in Caledon Halton Hills, Erin & Hockley Valley especially - effective 2016. We're more excited than ever - the energy & creativity here is amazing. We're really looking to grow the business in this area for the long term. We are in the beginning stages of setting up for great things. 

Curved steps & planters for a wonderful  lady in Erin


Mono Waterfeature - a truly Zen space for ultimate relation & rejuvenation. Everyone raves about it when they see/experience it- that is our ultimate reward!!!


The results of our Caledon Village work



April 2016 - flagstone completed & a railing on its way while the front landscaping gets a total makeover - Caledon Village

much more to come!  Enjoy your day- the beautiful weather has arrived Yahoo!!



SPRING 2016 is almost here! Blue Jays Spring training , NHL trade Deadline, stores are getting ready, March Break is just about here- sure signs of spring. We are designing & selling the best spots for spring now. We don't believe in pressure tactics & will always try to accommodate you, but we don't know when you are thinking about your project for so we just wanted to bring it to your attention

Landscape design, artworks, & elements for the garden plus interior accents will become the new focus

We will entertain small create projects if they are creative, enjoyable, uplifting & helpful - win win win

This puts a far greater focus on making something wonderful both aesthetically & also in terms of person enjoyment for everybody involved - it's a sort of spiritual approach!


March 16:  We're getting tools & materials together for our first creative project in the Caledon Village area for some wonderful clients! This project will commence Monday March 21 at the beginning of SPRING!!! Wow , it's here!  We're flagstone covering an old porch & have redesigned the entire front entrance for greater flow, colour, style to match the house & a greater courtyard feel. It should be great! We'll post pictures shortly.

We have a number of designs on the table & are addressing people who are ready. Many have family & life changes that come up, so we're always trying to be accommodating & sensitive because we're here to be helpful. We will try to be here for you when the time comes - we'll do our best to fit you in, but it's not always possible. April is booked solid & May is looking like it will be full as soon as people agree to designs

Have a wonderful day all!!!  Glow with the flow!  It's all good


Feb. 25:

Currently we are working on  5 designs varied in size & scope,  but some are quite large projects. We haven't yet got our new signage or advertising out there at all, so when we do this is sure to drum up more interest on top of the excitement that typically comes with spring's arrival in a few weeks.

Many have also indicated an interest in doing something in the future. We're definitely going to be busy & so ideally we will be adding some new pieces to accommodate growth in our new Caledon region home

Stay tuned !!   And  please drop us a line/email soon if you are thinking of something new for your home



New flagstone porch in December 2015 for a wonderful client in Erin. The customers said dezignwerx is "the best contractor we've ever hired" - that was encouraging! This is Credit Valley random flagstone which is a beautiful local/rare sandstone. The tones go well with the existing brick

Solid stone look concrete steps purchased by our client were installed according to his wishes - 5 at about 400lbs in snow- one clients back was saved this day !! :)))

Brussels Retaining WallDecember 2015- Brrrrrr!!!! - In preparation for a new driveway, a Unilock Brossuls Dimensional Stone & Armour rock retaining wall was created. Driveway was requiring a widening for a busy family's purposes & daycare business. The wall has ample gravel underneath & behind it for excellent drainage. It's difficult to see but it is a very long wall that marries with the existing front entrance steps completed years earlier in the same style.  We work through many weather challenges- this project was done in late December when the days are much shorter & colder. The client tried without success to get others to complete this project & was thrilled when we came through- we love to make people happy!!!


 Hot Tub Addition just completing! Complex details- went well

A Busy November!

Building a beautiful hot tub room in Erin. It has a natural stone veneer outter wall & will have board & batten uppers, windows that not only slide but also hinge & swing up for an open-air feel. Inside I'm building a cedar deck with stairs up to the tub. Rocks & a decorative screen have been inset along with 12v lighting. The ceiling is all toungue & groove cedar & the walls will be panelled with painted pine... Wow is it starting to look nice!  A couple more weeks to go max & I am available 

I am painting up a storm! Creative abstract works galore -I will do my best to get posting them, but it's too busy

Installed a cedar porch railing with metal ballustrades. NOT THE ORDINARY. The woodwork was carefully sanded & soaked with some epoxy before additional cleanings, sanding & coating with hich qulity Benjamin Moore paint.  The profile of the top rail was reduced in its girth to improve visibility further & extra posts were added not only for strength but for a balanced look... it's all in the details

I've designed a hot tub enclosure which has just begun - photos will follow. soon

Also building a planter addition for an old poolscape - it's down a hill & on a hill requiring some unusual design...

Getting ready to build a shed base at the edge of a woodlot - 10x15 shed


I've just built some elaborate built-in shelving for storage- everybody can use more storage! I tiled the floor & moved some existing shelving around to work better.. Pictures shortly. Evenings I'm doing some very exciting design work for a beautiful dreamhome..


I've just completed a flagstone walkway & bed creations to embellish the deck job below & busy with pruning works as well as shelving.

I've been painting artworks like a fiend! I hope to bring you exterior artworks for your various fencelines & boring garage walls & for garden settings that I hope to make avaiilable shortly & ongoing!!!  These will add so much colour, warmth & personality to excite any featured/forgotten spaces!!!


A previous contractor -one of my greatest sources of work fixing what "they" did wrong...  The former deck builder left no gaps between the deck boards & the boards have been taking a beating. There are a bunch of other details I am in the process of adding/changing too

before... Lattice screen, lattice skirting w access door, posts extended for solar lanterns, patterns & border added, all the decking was flipped & refastened,back stairs reconfigured & a beautiful new stone tile countertop added. Finally, the woodwork is done -there was a lot additional structure added & the total deck is in process of cleaning & sanding in prep for restaining


The extensive changes have greatly extended the lifespan of this deck & helped the client save a bundle!!! The customer is thrilled & a burden has been lifted for them




This design just completed for another repeat client in Georgetown. The proposal through intelligent design would offer tremendous flexibility & longterm curb appeal at giant savings over the competition. I've been able to prove over & over & over that I can save over the going rates while still meeting or surpassing my client's needs. I love seeing the excitement on their faces when they see their design!

  before     & AFTERS backyard landscaping & patio with hot tub for a small twonhouse backyard . Flagstone walkway has been planted with creeping ground cover. Green lattice screens afford colour & style to existing fences. Pergola frames the hot tub for cozy feel, rocks & pebbles adorn new Richcliffe, Courtstone & Brussels paving - interesting shapes instead of boring rectangles awaits furniture... 

   a firepit wood storage box & bench to go with this deck 

 original before poolscape &  Phase 2 finishing fountain that will run into pool under bridge... it will be connected to the pool filter for a water source -I have connections & finishing touches of masonry to do- should be a very calming effect. My customer loves to sit i the loveseat swing I created which looks out over the pool

 adding  coping & wall treatments to this composition. Formerly this was a horribly-fromed concrete & wall step roughly-poured base- nothing was straight or at the correct level so it has been fantastically challenging. This much has been completed- next I am completing the coping sidewalls & thinset flagstone on the top level. It needs some chases for 12v lighting water & 100v conduits & I am keeping Christmas lighting in mind. There is a small water bubbler integrated which needs some attention too. 

Installing doors, soffits, finishing shingling the roof. Approx 5x10 shed used to block neighbour, add charm & of coarse storage. "On the side project so it is lower priiority   It was a goal to create something more architecturally interesting than a typical  shed.. the shape actually jogs at the back to accomodate outdoor storage next to an angled property line- much more complicated but fun!

 2 stairways & 460sq ft mezzanine space created in a century barn as phase one of future plans. First about 70-100 cu yards of 100yr old hay, raccoon dens & chicken coops had to go! Tuff but rewarding challenge. Nothing was straight in this 100yr old baby & a lot of reinforcing had to take place too! Looking forward to hopefully phase 2-completing this one some day!