Colourful, creative, artistic spiritual creations to uplift the soul. Creating quality landscape designs, vibrant art & unique products



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We are about creating a WIN WIN WIN situation between you the client, ourselves & nature - smiles all around!

***NEED TO SEE IT - we need to meet you & understand your desires. It's an intuitive sense that is gained over & above the facts & figures.  We see it visually, grasp the contextual situation & your budgetary intent to really do something great

Endless possibilities. We strive to maximize the enjoyment, beauty, practicality, & spiritually uplifting qualities of our projects. We like to mull it over & rehash ideas until we come up with the perfect balance

Mon-Fri 9-5pm ; Meetings by appointment evenings & weekends


We can save you money -designing avoids pitfalls, addresses needs vs wants, gets people on the same page & allows you to mull things over far more accurately before the shovels hit the ground...  it's just wise!

LANDSCAPE DESIGN - OVER 25 years & a Creative residential landscape designs- the starting point for saving money, avoiding problems, achieving a well-functioning artistic result & keeping all parties on the same page.

Full-colour scale designs with supportive materials to help you perceive the project before  construction starts.

Designs for do-it-yourselfers are available for those who may have the desire, some abilities, very good friends to help &/or need to save on construction costs.  A design can help you save time , money & provide a conceptual roadmap or guidelines.

CONSTRUCTION - we are no longer offering construction of complete landscapes due to health reasons & major interest focus. We may consider completing small components of your project & constructing custom elements.

New  ; SPIRITUAL GARDENS! Whether you ar looking for a zen experience, in to the law of attraction, or laws of the universe, connection within or with nature we can help. It is a new endeavor & we are unaware of anybody else offering such a service in all the GTA/Southern Ontario as yet. We'll take the time to understand your take on spirituality & then set about creating something tailored to your needs that will help to uplift your spirit, rejuvenate, relax, restore & make you so very much more aware in life - it is the route to vastly greater awareness, happiness & health, there's nothing like it!

ELEMENTS - Sometimes there's a small phase or ingredient to a project that you'd rather not tackle yourself.

Dezignwerx builds all sorts of bridges, screens, benches, & the like. Perhaps something else- the sky's the limit, but it will depend on availability & other factors... let's chat

Other compnents- Decks, pergolas, shade structures, water features, arbours, stonework, privacy structures, fire pits, patios, solutions to unusual site problems ,  sheds, cabanas, lighting, plantings & more... Decks & sheds up to 108 sq ft  



GRAPHICS & Artwork- Posters, collages, logos, signage, tshirts & the like.  Almost anything - just ask.

DEZIGNS: Commercial, / Residential Landscape, Renovation -more or less anything- In areas where I have less experience I can still sometimes offer a new perspective to aid a situation & welcome the challenge.  If you need some preliminary concepts for others such as architects, your existing contractor , your handy brother-in-law, DIY plans

REAL ESTATE possibilities thinking & illustrating to show the "What-it -can-be" to clients about a property. A sketch or conceptual plan could help to complete the sale an enhances the perceived value of a home way beyond "staging"!

CONSULTING: If you just need someone to stop by & make quick suggestions what to do I can help... Ideas won't be as well thought out as sitting down to study & sketch out a comprehensive design, but it's a less expensive way to help you mull over what to do before committing to a true dezign





If we have shown you something in our gallery that suggests our styles suit your particular project then by all means give us a shout!  

There's never any obligation & we'll always do what we can to reduce the worries as we can.  We enjoy thrilling you !

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