Colourful, creative, artistic spiritual creations to uplift the soul. Creating quality landscape designs, vibrant art & unique products

The Spirit Garden

SPIRITUAL GARDENS; Connection within/to Source/Angels/Nature, Zen spaces, Feng Shui, & the like... It is about life to the FULL, with vast purpose & meaning, radically raising awareness, plus far greater health & healing accompanied by passion, happiness & peace!

Here we grow again with a brand new novel concept for the new era of spiritual awakenings, green initiatives, protecting the planet & uplifting spaces.

We have loads of unique ideas & will intuitively develop more in accordance with your wishes & gaining an understanding of YOUR truth.

It is about creating spaces that are uplifting to the spirit, nurturing, harmonious, natural spaces that evoke greater awareness of all that is.

We'll meet you where you are at on your journey & attempt to bring together the ingredients that evoke peace, joy, love & happiness for you. Spaces for meditation, serene privacy & so on.

The intention is greater happiness & peace to come home to after your work week where you can recharge your batteries. Water & fire elements, symbolism, colour & aroma therapy, numerology, sacred geometry, spiritual or even religious motifs, energetic artworks, & so much more

We are all connected as spiritual beings having a human experience - all in search of love... Our hope is to bring greater awareness of all with assorted concepts to those on a soul path